I Could Be A Psych

18 Jul

This will be just a quick short one since it’s been such a long time since the last time I blogged.

Picture this situation.

My friend:
Hey, do you know who we ran into in the mall just now?
Harry (not a real name) ?
My friend:
<surprised> Yeah, how do you know?
<actually surprised too but trying to look cool> I just know.


I don’t know why I mention Harry’s name out of the hundred possibilities of whom my friends ran into, it’s just the name that “seemed” like a natural answer to that certain question. Bear in mind, Harry is not a close friend of ours, we barely talk to him.

It’s like I have a sixth sense or some sort. Or maybe just a lucky guess? It happens quite often though to be just a coincidence (in other ways, I can’t always predict who you ran into yesterday. That’d be creepy… but cool)

Okay, after some thoughts, there MIGHT be some logical processes going in that certain moment that resulted in my brain outputting Harry’s name. But…. nah, I won’t tell. Just accept that I can (sometimes) read your brain, lol


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