Life In Jakarta (So Far) And Watching Sara

17 May

It’s been almost three weeks since I arrived at Jakarta. And all I can say for now about living in Jakarta is “I’m surviving”.


PS : I've never been to Monas :p

The first three days, I was staying at my brother’s place in North Jakarta, which is FAR, really FAR from where I’m working in West Jakarta. The second and third day, I went looking for “room for rent” (kost) and it took me almost 2 hours of commuting just to reach West Jakarta! Actually it may not be that far, but the traffic jam and the crowded bus sure do not help.

So at least I found quite a comfortable (albeit quite expensive) maybe 3x3m room. It’s got AC in it so I’ve got no worries about heat. The neighborhood is quite busy (since it has a popular university around) and really complete in terms of facilities. It has ATM, super/mini-markets, lots of wartegs/cafes, lots of public transportation, and not to mention a footsal field! That’s a big plus in my book.

Of course, the first week was quite hard on myself. Apart from the office hours (which has been great so far), I literally have no one to talk to, so it’s kinda lonely and though YM/Google Talk helped a bit, somehow I missed my family and friends so much I kinda wished I didn’t go to Jakarta.

But days went by, and here I am in my twentieth days in Jakarta, and I have to say I don’t really hate it now. I’m playing footsal every week, and the guys in my footsal team are alright, too, I guess. At least I have something to look forward to every week, which is playing footsal.

Sara Bareilles Concert in Jakarta

Sara Bareilles Concert in Jakarta

And of course there’s the Sara Bareilles concert on May 12th. Thinking back, I still can’t believe how I went and watched the concert. I didn’t know the place, I only knew about the concert one day before the concert(!), and I certainly won’t have any friends I can ask to go with (let’s just say, Sara Bareilles is not really popular around here. But she’s awesome!).

But I don’t know how, on May 11th, I phoned the ticket booth about the ticket and they said it’s still available and they could deliver it to my office, so I said yes and the next day I got it. Then at 6 PM (after work), I stopped a taxi and told the driver to go to Senayan Tennis Indoor. Alas, the driver was new around there and didn’t know about where it was(!) Thankfully, I’ve got Android smartphone around, and using Google Maps, we got there somehow. It drained my battery so much though, that when it really mattered (when it’s supposed to take pictures of the concert), my phone died. Oh, well…

The concert is simply amazing. I’ve known and watched lots of Sara Bareilles live performance on Youtube, but watching and listening her live with my own eyes was freaking awesome! It’s quite a short concert, only 13 songs, but she did it in one go, only stopping for talking to the audience and the encore things, which is every-single-complimenting-word-in-the-dictionary. But all good things come to an end, then I went home and the next morning, the whole concert was kinda a blur to me, the recording I did with my phone sucks, but that was one experience I won’t forget.


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