This Block Is Not Nice At All

22 Dec

Always. It’s always there when I have a cool little idea about something. Like a regular customer of a cafe, this writer’s block just will not leave me alone.

I’m not a good writer. Nothing I wrote turned to gold. But I’ve never had a problem at all in just writing what I feel or what I want. I could write lyrics (and sometimes songs) in a regular basis. Of course, I’m not great, so most are rubbish when I read them now, but one or two is quite good, in my opinion. But the point is, I used to be able to write whenever I wanted. Words didn’t avoid me. Even when I tried a more challenging avenue, like a short story or mini novel, I only stopped because I realized it wasn’t good enough, not because I couldn’t write it anymore.

But it’s so different now. I had some free time and nothing to do, so I tried to write a lyric. But an hour later, after lots of typing and backspacing, what I came up with was a blank Notepad. I couldn’t do it. The ideas were all in my head, but I couldn’t put it on paper (or type it on monitor). It may be because now that I’m working, I don’t really have the time to really put my head into this writing thing. It may also be the inspiration or whatever that is that I had is now gone or buried so deep inside my brain that it’s hard to find it now.

Writer’s blocks do go away. Famous authors always say to keep on writing to get rid of writer’s blocks. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I just want this block to go away.


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